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 "A mere copier of nature can never produce anything great"

Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792


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The following artists are currently featured on this site. Click on the name to go directly to the page showing examples of their work and biographical details.

 Aitken, James Alfred  Evernden, Graham  Naftel, Maud
 Allingham, Helen  Fraser, Robert W.  Noel, John Bates
 Ball, Wilfred Williams  Glendening, Alfred A.  Osment, Philip
 Barnes, Marian Lavinia  Gordon-Lee, Michael  Payne, David
 Bates, Marjorie C.  Greenwood, Phil  Pearson, Cornelius
 Bowen, Owen  Hardwick, John Jessop  Pryke, Jon
 Bright, Henry  Horlor, Joseph  Sherrin, Daniel
 Brinson, John Paul  Ireland, Thomas  Sherrin, Reginald Daniel
 Burleigh, Charles H.H.  Ireland, Thomas Tayler  Skill, R. Jason
 Butler, Mary E.  Kenyon, Sarah J.  Stannard, Lilian
 Callow, James M.  King, Elizabeth  Sturge, Frederic William
 Canter, Jean Mary  Langlois, Mark William  Wainwright, John
 Clare, Oliver  Leonard, John Henry  Wardle,Richard
 Cruickshank, William  Leslie, Francis Seymour  West, Edgar E.
 Danby, Thomas  Lowe, Doug  White, John
 Douglas, Sholto Johnstone  Meade, Arthur  Widgery, Frederick John
 Williamson, William H.
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