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 Oliver Clare



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Artist Oliver Clare



Oliver Clare was an artist who specialised in scenes of fruit and flowers on mossy banks (like William Henry Hunt and William Cruickshank - the latter is also featured on this site). In this case he normally worked in oil though.

Oliver Clare was the son of George Clare and the brother of Vincent Clare who were also artists and painted similar subjects in the same manner. Probably lived mainly in Birmingham, and exhibited 18 works at the Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham plus a few at the Royal Academy and Suffolk Street Galleries in London.



This picture is a typical example of the more pedestrian kind of work that Oliver and his relatives produced (in the writer's opinion they can appear somewhat repetitive after you have seen a few of them). However, the finer examples are certainly impressive and there are a number of prints that are available of their better works. They are consistently popular among collectors.

More information on the Clares and other examples of their work can be seen on the Rehs Galleries web site at www.rehsgalleries.com/clare_family_virtex.htm 

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