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 "No man was ever wise by chance"

Lucius Annaeus Seneca



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Information Contribution

We positively encourage you to contribute more information on the artists featured on this web site. In many cases, little is known about artists long since dead, and even with living artists there is a dearth of information available. Perhaps you are a relative or friend of a former artist and can tell us more than the bare facts. Information on the upbringing, education, career and other interests of an artist can be revealing and illuminate their life. In fact, any information that helps to reveal their personality is likely to prove stimulating to our readers. Any portraits or photographs of the artist would be particularly interesting for inclusion in the web site. In other cases, such basic information as dates of birth and death may be more than we know at present.

If you are in possession of pictures by the artist, we are also keen to add to the gallery more examples of works by the artists already included here - indeed we would be happy to add works by similar artists and document their careers. If your favourite artist is not present, but you would like them added, go to Exhibiting for more information on how to supply pictures for display.

Note that we may publish any information you supply as a public service but there is no obligation on you if you provide such data, although of course it helps if it is reasonably accurate, and we reserve the right to edit it and combine it with other data. If you believe any information we are displaying is inaccurate then please let us know and we will correct it.

To contribute to our information database, send us an email by going to the following page:  Contact Us (or telephone, send a fax or write).

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