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Mark William. Langlois



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Artist Mark William Langlois


Mark Langlois was born in Newington, Surrey in 1848 - the third of eight children to his parents Frederick Daniel Langlois and Emma Brearey. His father seems to have had a variety of occupations including silversmith, goldsmith, watchmaker and picture dealer.

Mark Langlois painted watercolour pictures and this is a typical example of his still life style. He also painted landscapes and genre pictures (ie. figures in rustic poses, etc), but to be honest these are often quite pedestrian. However this picture is an extremely well painted scene of fruit in front of a brick wall (note the way the moss on the wall is portrayed).

At various times he lived in Hammersmith and Barnes in the London suburbs. He married Sarah Jane Gardiner and had a daughter named Daisy who was born in 1881. Apart from information gleaned from census records, little else is known although he is recorded as  exhibiting from 1862 to 1873 at the Royal Academy and elsewhere.

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