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Daniel Sherrin 



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Artist Daniel Sherrin

Daniel Sherrin was the son of John Sherrin, and the father of R.D. Sherrin who were also artists (a picture by the latter is shown elsewhere on this web site). He was born in Brentford, Essex and moved to Ramsgate when he was a boy. Later he lived in Seasalter near Whitstable where he died. Initially he apparently primarily painted seascapes, but later turned mainly to landscapes in the manner of B.W. Leader - in fact he may have been a pupil of the latter. 

His paintings were sometimes used for book illustrations and engravings and a scene entitled "In the Highlands" can be seen in "British Highways and Byways from a Motor Car" by Thomas D. Murphy published in 1908.

A picture of Sandringham was commissioned from him by King George V and hangs in Buckingham Palace. The Imperial War Museum in London also have material related to his work on the design of recruiting posters for the First World War. One poster was successful in recruiting over 1000 men which resulted in congratulations from Lord Kitchener.

Apparently Daniel Sherrin was a practical joker. While he was living in Whitstable, white lines were first painted on the road to direct traffic and he added extensions directing traffic into the public houses. More stories about him can be read at: http://oystertown.net/dsherrin.html

Daniel Sherrin sometimes used the name L. Richards on his work.

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