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Gallery Overview

Within our emphasis on British art from the last 150 years, "British art" is taken to mean any work by artists born, raised or educated in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, or who were resident in those countries for some time and worked in the traditional styles commonly used in these islands.

This art gallery is primarily organised into three subject areas - Landscape, Seascape (including "marine" subjects) and Still Life. These are the major areas in which British artists have made a major impact in the last two centuries and which are relevant to the emphasis in this web site on the theme of nature.

To start browsing the collection, simply click on one of the main subject areas below (each artist has a dedicated page and you can move backwards and forwards through the artists).

Landscape  (including townscape and architectural subjects)

Seascape (including coastal scenes and marine subjects)

Still Life (flowers, plants, and other close-up object scenes)

Note that artists are not presented in alphabetic order within the Gallery pages (they are semi-random but similar or associated artists are grouped together). To go directly to a particular artist, or see a complete list, go to the tab above labelled Artists which will take you to page containing an alphabetic list of all artists on this web site.

Each artist covered in this site has their own page which contains one or more examples of their work and some biographical notes. Sometimes this information is limited - go to the Exhibiting page to see how you can contribute more. If you want more information on any picture shown on any of those pages, then click on the picture and a higher resolution image will be displayed together with details of the media, image size, date, whether signed, and other picture specific data. Go to Media for a short note on the media that may be used.

The pictures shown are typically valued at less than $5,000 so they are often within the budget of the average art collector. The site includes many examples of English watercolours which have become a common medium for British artists due to the rapidity with which they can be painted, minimal materials and hence relatively low cost. To learn more about picture valuations go to the Valuation page.

Puzzled as to what makes a good picture, and what does not? Go to the Appreciation page for more information. Go to the Media page for more information on the media used in pictures.

Most of the paintings shown on this web site have an artificial "digital" frame added to standardise their appearance - pictures rarely retain their original frames and are often reframed to suit the tastes of the current owner, so for this and other technical reasons we have generally dispensed with the actual frames.