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Legal Notes and Information on Web Site Use

1. All material on this web site including all text and graphic images is copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or incorporated into other work without the written permission of the web site owner (Roliscon Ltd) and/or of any other copyright owner. All requests for rights to use any of the material should be submitted to the gallery owner (Roliscon Ltd) via email using the "Contact" tab above.

2. We try to make the colour rendition of pictures as faithful to the original as possible but the vagaries of original photography, screen hardware and user settings mean that colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed when displayed on this web site.

3. Picture dimensions given are approximate and pictures are not necessarily shown on the web site to scale. For example smaller pictures will normally be displayed with smaller dimensions than larger pictures, but not relatively in proportion, and indeed in exceptional circumstances may be displayed larger. Look at the "image size" given under the full, high resolution picture for the actual size of the painted area of the picture.

4. Any other information provided about a picture or about the artist is correct so far as the owners of this web site are aware but may depend on information provided by a third party and no warranty is provided on the accuracy of such information. Any inaccuracies that you have knowledge of should be advised to us.

5. Some of the pictures displayed may be available for sale, but we do not offer a sales service at this time. Contact Roliscon Ltd via the "Contact" tab for more information on a particular picture. Any arrangements you make to purchase a picture are solely between you and the seller. The gallery owner (Roliscon Ltd) excludes all liabilities in respect of misrepresentation, failure to deliver, mistakes or wrongdoing by any seller. Any prices quoted will generally exclude shipping and insurance costs, or any applicable taxes.

6. Privacy Policy. Any personal information that you submit will be kept and treated as confidential and will only be used by the gallery for internal purposes and for communicating with you, except that contact information may be provided to a picture seller if you enquire about the purchase of a picture. Otherwise we will not sell, rent, lease, or give away your personal information, including email addresses, to others, except where disclosure is required by law. If at any time you require any personal information such as an email address to be removed from our records indicating that you do not wish to receive any further communication from us then we will do this upon receipt of an email from the relevant address, or some other evidence that you are the owner of the address - however, where any purchase or sale transaction has been processed or been contemplated then we will retain such records for audit trail purposes only.

7. This site may contain links to other third party web sites. The gallery is not responsible for the operations of these web sites, and provides no warranty as to the information provided therein.

8. Pictures are generally displayed on this site with an artificial "digital" frame and mount, for the purposes of simplicity and standardisation. The actual frame is likely to be significantly different. If you are interested in purchasing a picture that is for sale, a digital photograph showing the actual frame can be emailed to you, and/or the full framed dimensions supplied.

9. Any pictures supplied for display on this web site are under the terms and conditions specified on the About (Exhibiting) page.

10. Use of Cookies. The Panvertu web site uses Google Analytics to collect some information about how visitors use the web site and trends in visitor numbers, and that software does store a "cookie" (a small data file) on your computer. There is no personal data collected about how you use the web site. You can block cookies by altering the settings in your web browser, or remove existing ones.

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